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About Our Band

If you are looking for an energetic live show and a great sound with sultry vocals...then you want Sahara Reggae Band! The Band consists of six members who all share the same passion for music and collectively bring to you an exciting and invigorating style in their performances.

reggae band
The band originated in 2001 and built its foundation in Greensboro, NC. Reggae has  been what the band performed most but the talent and creativity doesn't stop there. We perform a variety of genres of music and can bring to any audience a flavorful and enjoyable show. Whatever you need, Sahara Reggae Band can cater to you and provide a musical journey and  a truly unique experience for any occasion.


Check the band out immediately on Facebook as Sahara Reggae Band. Friend request us so that you can keep up with all the latest.  We look forward to bringing you great Music Good Times… Sahara Style!

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